Leston Luck Village stone.

Hillhouse Edge sandstone.

Releif designs developed through community workshops.

Raised lettering
Oak tree and nature designs.
Simplified swallow motif on lettering.

Stone Bollards for Leeds at quarry.

Hillhouse Edge Sandstone

Stone Bollards.

Split Boulder Village Sign.

Symbols for Village developed from community workshops.

Shieldman. Sheffield City Centre, UK.


Peak Moor Sandstone, Appleton Sandstone and steel.

Thornley Miners memorial stone.

Co. Durham, UK

Thornley Miners Stone.

Crosland Moor Sandstone.

Carlton Barracks Heritage Stones.

Hillhouse Edge Sandstone.

Carlton Barracks Stone.

'I will lift mine eyes...'

Wholestone Moor, West Yorks, UK.

Crosland Moor Sandstone.

Pullman Street Climbing stone, Hull, UK.

Crosland Moor Sandstone.

Climbing Stone, designs were worked up in the local primary school.

Different routes around the stone were planned for different ages and abilities.

Design workshops worked around ideas of kids at play, animals and climbing.
Relief shapes cut into stone surface to provide hand and foot holds.

Cups and raised holds cut into stone to give easy and harder climbing holds.

Southern Washlands waymarker with design ideas from community group.
Lettering detail.